Private Lending Course?

Thinking of purchasing a course on private lending.
Found it on ebay. Has anyone been through this course or had any luck using private lenders?

The only “successful” private lending course/marketer I know is Alan Cowgill. I don’t know his website, but I’m sure he has one. He speaks all over the country, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find him.


I have cowgils’s course and ruffatto’s. Purchased both last year. I agree with taxlienqueen that cowgill is a good marketer but for the prices ruffatto’s course is a much better value. I believe Cowgill’s website is
I have two deals under my belt using a private lender. First time was a little scary but everything worked out fine. Trying to find more lenders as we speak.
Just my two cents

There is a Private Lending course by Alex Gurevich available on this site. Does anyone have any feedback on it? I like the idea of an all-digital format to save money. It’s much less than either of the 2 courses previously mentioned. Thanks!

–Matt in Indy

I am interested in this private lending course, too. (the one by alex gurevich). Did you get any feedback about it?