Private Lenders

I’m looking to incorporate private lenders into my investing, as a means of being able to buy for cash and close quickly. The benefits of doing so are obvious.
Being a relative novice in this area, I want to educate myself. Some digging around uncovered, what else, a couple of gurus in this arena: Alan Cowgill, and Alex Gurevich. Is anyone familiar with either author and their materials on the subject of private lending?
Thank you.

I’ve heard of Alan Cowgill. He’s heavily “promoted” on this other site I go to ( ) They usually offer some type of training (seminars, teleconferences, etc.) by him and others. He’s suppossed to be very good at his craft. I haven’t personally taken any of his courses but I did listen in on a teleconference and the info given was pretty valuable in my opinion. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the feedback. As a matter of fact, I listened in to a “teleconference” last night given by Cowgill, and sponsored by Gurevich. Unfortunately, it amounted to nothing more than a 90 minute infomercial with no insights at all. The pitch was for Cowgill’s upcoming four day bootcamp, at the “very special price of only $3,000”. :rolleyes

Hi AJ290,

Would that happen to be “Private Lending Made Easy”? I was just getting ready to review that recording because I need advice of how to find a good PL. Thanks.

I haven’t heard either of those authors, but if you’re looking for private lendors, I would look at your local REIA. I have never looked for private lendors, but I have meet two in the past month that are looking to use their self-directed IRAs to loan out money.