Private Lenders

I am new to retailing houses and I am trying to find a hard money lender. I was wondering If anyone has any tips on how to attract private lenders and convience them to lend me money without a track record. Any responses will be greatly appreicated!!! TIA


There is a link under the Investor Resources section for Hard Money Lenders.

It is just a list with contact information and is no way endorsed by the REI Club. You need to do your own due diligence.


As MD has already alluded to, hard money lenders are not so much concerned with “track record” as they are in the trapped equity in the particular project.

If it is your desire to attract private investors (to circumvent the use of hard money lenders), start marketing!

For ideas, you can check out some of the classified ads I wrote at,25762.0.html.


Scott Miller