Private lender in Miami needed - quick closing

I’m looking for a private lender in Miami who is capable of a quick closing.

I have under contract a property which I would like to refi and hold after renovation.

Purchase price = 258K
Planned repairs = 70K
ARV = ~420K

My original goal was a FHA 203K purchase; went through a mortgage broker working with Sun West mortgage. Sun West has put the deal in jeopardy with their awesome underwriting process. After two extensions Sun West has totally screwed things up for me.

Spoke to Abe about HML since I am in BK13. quoted me 3 points and 9% but has other programs. They are in Coral gables I believe

Abraham “ABE” Hakawati
Lic. Mortgage Broker
Ph/Text: 305 891 6500
Toll Free: 888 786 6048
Fax line 888 788 6048
NMLS # 341393
Secured Horizon Financial Group