Private lender for person with no credit

I need to know who I can contact for a residential mortgage, with no credit history at all. I have studied for months now and need to find out some sources for financing. I have been married for 20 years and never had anything put in my name I have now stepped into the world as a single woman with nothing behind me what so ever. Can anyone give me some advice?

FHA will allow you to qualify with alternative credit such as utility bills, cell phone bills, or car insurance. Fannie Mae has some my community programs that will work as well. These loan products are for owner occupied only though.

Yes you can get no credit financing. what sort of LTV are you looking for? But as Chris said you will need alternate credit such as utility, rent letter from landlord, but it doesnt have to be FHA.

The max on a no score would be 80%ltv up to about 400,000.00 with no rent lates. if you need 100% you will have to take a second mortgage somewhere maybe private money.