private investors

looking for private investors for real estate with good return on their investment.

HA!, yeah aren’t we all…

So, what you are saying there are no such animals out there.
I am looking for someone to invest 100k-200k at 8% for 7 years. WOuld there be anyone you know of out there that would do this?


I am very new to the Real Estate Investing scenario but I’m gonna GUESS that for that amount of money for that length of time, 8% is not gonna get a whole lot of bites. My guess is that in todays market your gonna have to make it a little more worthwhile. Again, that is just a guess! Good luck!

I hope you have prospectus and have complied with securities law. Advertising to the general public for investments puts you on the hook personally for all investment losses if you have not complied with SEC rules.

You might not find a seasoned real estate investor willing to work with your terms, but you’d have a better shot finding someone at an investment group who is looking for places to put their money rather than a 2% CD at this point.