Private Investors

I have the interest of a private investor that is willing to work with me. Can anyone suggest a certain article or book on setting up deals with other people’s money and what are the guide lines to giving them their cut and you getting yours?

i am also looking for a private investor to back me up on a deal. I want to do a deal without bank money… at least the first two deals. I would love to find an experienced partner, who is trustworthy. not just some deep pockets looking to get over.

So do you know of any good investment reading materials that you can suggest?

Hi Lady inrealestate,
The only website I can think of is Alan Cowgill. That is his specialty. I do not know of any other 'guru’s out there that specialize in private lending. Like i mentioned before, google the internet. there might be a book out there. FYI, he sells on ebay as well. I bought a few dvds from him. That is all I know about private lending.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for that info. I noticed that you are an investor in Florida. How is the market down there?


at least in south florida the new home prices are going thru the roof. I am starting to reasearch properties that are more than 6 years old and those prices seem to be more reasonable. I think the fact that we had 4 hurricanes 2 years agao and hurricane last year, property prices jumped. For example, I actually live in Central florida on the east coast side, bought my house initially for $165 in a nice area. Currently the houase across the stree from me is attempting to FSBO for $321!!!There is mixture of mobil homes, concrete construction and wooden houses here. SO anything goes!!! Good luck in your search.

There is alot of good info in the Real Estate Articales. Upper left hand corner.

Be Well and God Bless