Private Investment funfs????

Seeking suggestions on the best way to attract private investors to provide funds for preforeclosure, short sale or subject to transactions. I have been unsuccessful in locating individuals to participate in the Southern Jersey area. Interested in suggestions, comments, and any assistance from others with experience in this type of funding…

Hello, there are so many “out of the box” ways to attract private funds/HML… To name a few… Craigslist,, Legal papers, Local papers, Ebay, You Tube … I so many more… But, U get where I am going??? I hope!!! :biggrin

Present opportunities to everyone you know. If the numbers make sense, then you can illustrate that their investment is secure. Try your local REI club, hand money lender list on the left side, ads, etc. They are out there, all you need is 1 yes.

Yes, finding private investors is not too hard. Some good places to start are REI clubs and showing the deals to the club. You can also talk with friends/family/coworkers. Just be sure you are in compliance with SEC reg d offering regulations at