Printer for labels recommendations

Hey guys, I am looking for a laser or inkjet printer to print my labels. I usually print 100+ sheets at a time and both my current printers jam after few page runs.

Can anyone recommend a printer they use for printing labels? I use the Avery Labels.

What are you using at this point? What’s your budget? How often are you running 100+ sheet batches of labels? Once I know this I can make suggestions and send you some links to good prices on the suggestions.

don’t use inkjet, you will hate life…ink runs in the rain, more expensive, etc…

I usually mail between 1000 and 5000 postcards a month. Budget is not a concern as long as it is within reason. I am assuming around $100-$300 printer.

I would suggest an HP Laserjet 4100. Here are a ton on Ebay, most are used and most are under $300:

These things last damn near forever. I have clients that print tens of thousands of pages a month to them and they just keep chugging. I also have on in my own office. There are newer models to this (4200, etc) but they don’t have the longevity that the 4100 has. Also, big plus is the abundance of used and refurbs makes them easy to aquire cheaply. Don’t worry about the model whether its an N, DTN, TN, etc. You don’t need a network card, duplexer or extra tray for what you are doing. Just find a reputable seller that has one with as few prints as possible and at the best price.

Thanks Rich. I dusted off my old hooked up my HP OfficeJet 6210 and hooked it up. It printed fine, but every now and then it pulls more than single sheet causing misalignment of labels. It works mostly good if I keep my finger on the stack of papers in the feeder to prevent it from pulling one paper. I will buy the LaserJet 4100 to do my label printing.

I’m no expert on printers, but I think the jamming issue is caused by heat. I think you can take even the most reliable of printers and expect to have problems with a hundred pages of labels because they are thick and the adhesive is sensitive to heat.

Also, don’t be lured in to buying a printer just because it’s cheap. The consumables (read: toner) are what you really need to look at. If you’re printing a lot, it’s important to look at the cost per page, not just the initial price. I bought an OKI C3200 because it seemed to be a nice color laser, which it is, but WOW the toner needs to be replaced a lot, and WOW is it expensive.