Princess Properties Rip OFF


I invested 10K with a company called Princess Properties in Pleasanton, Calif. My ROI was due back in November. I have gotten nothing but the run around with company president, Nicholas Martinez. I was wondering if anyone else here had a bad experience with this company? I would certainly like to hear from you, as I am in the process of taking legal action to get my money back. Any information would be helpful. It is my hope to stop others from being defrauded in this manner.


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I looked him up on this website and I did not find anything. Someone else on the website recommended the site several weeks ago. You could lodge a complaint if you don’t hear something from them soon. It may be a good idea to send them a letter return reciept requested so you can document your contacting them.

Good Luck!

Thank you for responding.

I have done much more than file a report! I have registered a complaint with the state RE board, the Better Business Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Board of Consumer Affairs, The State Board of Corporations and the Fraud Division of the LAPD. I have also had my attorney send a demand letter to no avail.

My next step is a class action suit.



Hi. My husband and I did not invest with Princess Properties. We were losing our house and they help us stay in it. Yea right. They did stop the forclosure. However in our contract they were to set up an account and pay 1000.00 toward the rent for 24 months. However we have been informed from the investor that he has not recieved any payments. This all took place in Pleasanton Ca. on Jan. 13, 2005. I have been trying with no luck to get ahold of anyone that is assoicated with them and can not. Thank You,

Can’t get hold of anyone at Princess Properties- Try Randy Blair he is one of the Partners he also owns Pizza & Pipes in Santa Clara :-X

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I had also invested $10K with the Princess Properties. He was supposed to return me in December 2004. Please help recover my hard earnt life time savings…