Has anyone ever been able to get a price reduction from a bank after the offer has been accepted and approved? (during the contingency period) I was not allowed to inspect the property until the bank approves the deal. However, I found out that I need to put more money into fixing the place.

Thank in advance

YES definitely. Although it was a year ago, I was in a similar situation and had the bank reduce the price a 2nd time after I sent them repair costs

thank you…that helps a lot :smile

I’ve done this numerous times when there were large water/sewer bills. I submitted a new HUD1 to the LM and they got me a new approval letter. I actually do this sometimes when I know there are delinquent water/sewer bills just to get a further discount.

Good luck!

Update for you…

I received an email from a company call First American Core Logic and they are now supplying, it seems, tax returns… Not sure how but who cares…

Maybe google them