prewritten mailing campaign for sellers?

i have a list of “on the fence” sellers that are interested in selling or were interested at one point. i’d like to mail these sellers over a few months to stay fresh in their mind for when they decide to take the plunge.

are there any prewritten campaigns that anyone uses or can recommend that i can load up into mailchimp and set this on autopilot?

any info appreciated.

I send them the same yellow letter. But what my VA’s do is keep a separate list of these leads after first contact and check with them a month or two later to check their motivation. We’ve had a number of deals who were not interested the first time we talked to them but either called us back or we made a deal with when we called them back after a few months, only because we built rapport the first time and every time we talk to them. They do remember. :smile

yes i see the value in followup. being a computer nerd i like to automate as much as possible. looks like i’ll have to write these myself.