pretty in pink


I like your taste in music.
But the girl in pink creepily reminded me of Michael Jackson!

The Beatles were so excellent because they played for 8 hours every night in the nightclubs of Hamburg. They put in the 10,000 hours that it takes to become excellent.



An “OUTLIERS” reader!!!

Great book…If I remember correctly YOU recommended it here…


re: pip header…

just a simple ploy to get you to click thru to some good Lennon.

definately a bit creepy…but knowing the Beatles…I’m sure they intended it that way.

re: outliers…fdjake…thanks for the mention…will have to consider it.

btw…miss the guy…for his artistry:
…'nother 10ker

Yeah, Michael Jackson was a major artist. Every touch perfect…the white socks so the audience could see his feet move better…
I’ve read a couple of autobiographies. His obsessive pedophilia would have brought him down eventually even if the drugs didn’t. An extreme talent with extreme flaws.

Reading time is scarce so it’s gotta be good. OUTLIERS is a 10, a keeper to be reread.

I recommend THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR also. I didn’t go to work the day I bought it, just read it slowly line by line. It was that important. Discovered our family is affected by 3 sociopaths in our extended network. They cast a big dark shadow. Very therapeutic to know what was really going on. And how to avoid a sociopath!

Other really useful books come to mind…like THE TIPPING POINT and BLINK. If it’s a good author, most of their stuff will be worth reading.

A great book can give you life-altering insight. You guys have any recommendations?



or blogs?


Speaking of Micheal Jackson he is proof that America is the greatest country. Where else can a poor Black boy grow up to be a rich white woman.


sure wish we had the opportunity to meet…

maybe one of these days…

took a stab in the dark on West Houston…just 'cause I traveled that route on the way to New Orleans.

anyways…hope your rentals are chiming along…did I tell you that I met one of your bankers at a function in San Antonio?

can’t get enough of a good thing…maybe it’s naive…but I just focus on the positive:

I meet with investors and people that want to be investors all the time, just shoot me a pm.
That goes to any of you guys if you are ever in Houston give me a pm.