Presorting software for better postage rate

Hey guys, I want to start using the bulk rate to mail out my postcards. To get the bulk rate, I need to presort the addresses and route…etc. Can anyone recommend a software that they use to presort the addresses and print the labels?

Did you ever find a solution here? I saw this and thought it sounded good:

Hey Paul,

Yes I found this product and spoke to the rep/owner/developer not sure what he was. Basically this product is not CASS certified, which is a requirement from the post office. But talking to the list brokers, their data is CASS certified so that will do it. If you have your own list, there are companies that will massage your data and bring it back to you in CASS certified manner for a cheap price.

I plan on ordering this product once I get my post cards from the printer. Here are the fee breakdown:

Applying for a bulk license: $175
Getting insignia permit: $175/year
Software cost: $50 with $20/year upgrade optional
Cost of mailing 6x11 post cards: $0.204/post card

I will be sending out a 2 page sales letter on a two sided 6x11 post card. total cost of printing and mailing will be $0.32/post card compared to $0.53/post card.

More information on bulk mailing, website by the same company: