Presentation of sub to deal to prospective seller

Anybody, post some of your basic presentation convesrsation you use to get these deals. I know that after the initial contact, there are variables on how you proceed, depending on the deal and situation.

I believe that what is more important than a ‘canned’ presentation, you must fully understand a couple of items:

  1. How to structure a ‘subject to’ deal.
  2. understand the ‘problem’ of the seller.

Once you have these two things down, then you visit the seller, build a relationship, discuss the problem the seller faces, and offer a solution that will allow All parties to win. Using this approach, you don’t need a presentation, just an understanding of the problem and a potential solution.

If you can build a relationship, convey you understand the problem, offer a solution that is viable (which a ‘subject to’ deal will provide), then the only reason that the seller would not do this deal is he has a confidence or trust issue in you. Should that happen, then it is up to you to build the confidence and trust. If you can’t, then it’s not a deal and move on to the next prospect as there are endless numbers of prospects who need this help.

Hope this helps.


A little different perspective from Rob.

Paper work is a must and so is understanding what I call the seller “Rat” … The reason theyre selling…

However if you dont have a presentation then someone like myself is going to go in behind you and close the deal…

BTW presentations do not begin at the door. They begin prior to the prospect calling you… Its how you present yourself in your advertising and how you answer the telephone, the embedded commands, mimicking and pacing that youre doing as you ask very leading questions. Its the positive and negative reinforcement words when having that conversation, its doing a six pack as they watch you outside their window, its the way you knock on their front door and step back and look up the street. Its the first thing you say to them as they open the door. All the way to showing them where to sign. Then it doesnt stop… Its the followup with memorialized letters, a questionnaire about their experience and ultimately “Who can they refer you to”.

Too many times people think that this business is something other than a normal business. Your presentation should be no different then the best experience you have felt when buying something…

As for what to say and why and how to say it… That takes practice and more practice.

Its great that you understand the need…

Good luck