Presentation and a question

Hello REI Investors:

My name is Lucas Delo, and i´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. So, excuse me if my english is not so good.

I saw this website 8 months ago, and i didn´t put much atention.

now, i know i need your help.

Argentina RE Market is booming, like the beginning of the boom that USA had.

I´m a person with lots of contacts, and investments are coming in very fast.

I need to contact with a private lender, hard money lender or partner, that have the money to finance this investments.

I have a lot of oportunities, but now i am interested in:

  1. 3.5 million dollar hotel
  2.  8 million tower

This proyects are not under construction yet, but there are a lot of guarantees (the best architect of Argentina, The number one law firm, etc.)

I need this money quickly.


Setup a REIT (real estate investment trust) and issue stock. There are a number of investors on wall street who have developed a taste for real estate and are looking at developing markets outside of the U.S.

How much can that cost?

Dou you have a solution more simple?