Preparing for sale

Ok i need some help here. Since i know preperation is key I would like to have all the tactics for selling a house in place before it is ready for sale. Several weeks ago I had all the plans approved to build a 1600 square foot home in southern california. Different than most of southern california this has a restricted growth and only allows 1800 homes.

I am building this home to sell immedietly upon completion or before and am planning on doing a 1031 and hopefully developing enough income to do the same thing but 2 of them.

I would appreciate any sales tactics anybody has used on a home such as this. I really cannot afford to hold it to far past completion and would like to sell it quickly yet for a decent chunk of change.

thanks everyone!

Before you use it for a 1031, you’ll need to hold it for a year…how does that fit your timeline?


i purchased the lot in march of this year. I do not plan on having it finished untill at least then. Is that ok or does it only matter when I convert from lot loan to construction loan?