prepaid legal


I have the opportunity to purchase prepaid legal services through my place of employement. The cost is 16.00 a month. Does this seem like a good deal? Should I do it? I am not currently doing any RE deals, but hope to within the next year.

The name of the legal company is: Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company.

Thanks for your input.

I have my business and then I have the rest of my life. I would buy the pre-paid legal if it fit in with my lifestyle needs. I will let them do wills, DUIs, etc. When I looked for a lawyer to do my real estate, I wanted one that understood investment real estate. There may be one at the pre paid place, but they are probably into residential primary and vacation home real estate and may be of little use to you in the investments. I believe in what Robert Kiyosaki said in Rich Dad Poor Dad about professionals. You get the most prestigious law firm in your town. You will find that they are not a whole lot more expensive than the average store front lawyer. They of course are going to give you the most inexperienced lawyer to work with…but he will be the top of his class. So he will be smarter than 90% of the lawyers out there. If he does get stuck, he will walk down the hall for advice. That advice will come from the best legal mind on the subject in the USA. In my case, I got the lawyer that does the most investment real estate law in town.