Preliminary HUD-1 net sheet

Hi guys,

Need some quidance on how to do a HUD-1 net sheet for a Short Sale. Bank is waiting on paper work. I have everything else needed for the short sale package except the HUD-1 which is the bottom line for the bank.

Any advise on how to get it done would be appreciated.

JoiJoi :help

Find a piece of software that does it for you. Search on the internet and you should be able to find something. There are lots of apps that handle this, mostly as an add on to Excel.

Yes, very simple. Call up a title company and tell them what you are doing. After they understand you, drive over to them and stand behind them while they create the HUD sheet. Make sure to say that you are going to use them for the transaction. They will help and you will understand how to create a Hud 1 sheet.

how did you make out on this?

i have a pdf that doesnt let you save. i was looking for an excel version that allows saving, however i have been unsucessful on any free versions through my google search.

anyone have better luck?

Use Foxit PDF.
I think the trial lets you save.
If not PM me.

I have found a great resource to use for creating HUD-1 statements. It allows you to save/e-mail/revise, etc. and best of all - it’s free! Just create a free account and it’s very self explanatory. Good luck. :biggrin

my guess is you used one of the online generator ones. these do not let you edit once saved to your computer.

if this is another service…please share with the board so others can benefit.


Here is the website to obtain the free HUD-1 access. It does allow you to save/edit/e-mail, etc. It is free and can be found at

Just sign in for a free account and start creating the HUD. :biggrin

Let me know what you think.