I’m interested in learning the preforeclosure business, but I don’t have money to spend on seminars or any spare money at all so to speak but if there is any good free material on the subject and you don’t mind can anybody send me in the right direction to get started in this business? Thank you in advance, warmest regards, TD



These forums are free. There are also a few other forums out there that provide free information about short sales just like these do. However, the REIClub forums are by far my favorite. You get responses much faster than any of the others.

If you are wanting to absorb knowledge about short sales then your best bet would be to read the old posts of these forums. I started here in 2005. In that time pretty much every angle of a short sale has been discussed. I have made many posts on the subject as has several of the other regulars in these forums. Find us regulars and read our back posts.

GooD Luck! :beer

In addition to forums there are some pretty good foreclosure blogs out there. I try to think of mine as one. Some of the other forums that I like are and also

If you don’t have money for books, tapes and seminars you need to spend the time researching and then get educated by the school of hard knocks.
No matter how you do it education will take time and money.

I have an entire bookcase FULL of real estate books, in addition to being licensed. There are a lot of pitfalls out there for a new investor. Take your time to read this website as much as you can until you have the money to get a few books. I would start with real estate books that cover the basics. You will have to know real estate laws and how to negotiate, how to find deals, how to close them, how to find the money to fund them, etc. Most of this information you can get on this website, just be careful who you listen to. I think the best thing an investor can do is actually start out being an agent!!! Crazy as it sounds, that’s how I started. I got a good handle on listing and selling property for clients before I ever tried flipping my own properties. But that was just how I did it. You can do it however you want, just get a good knowledge base before you start writing offers!

Agree this site and some others are better then most books. Books you only get one persons view on things here you get 100’s. Not to mention you might end up with a full book shelf and a empty bank account.

Join a local real estate club and network with other investors.