Preforeclosures - Getting Leads Help

Newbie questions:
What’s the best way to find pre-foreclosure leads?
Has anyone used ?

What caution or tips would you give a newbie trying to find leads?


Lis pendens

Buy a 30/60/90 day late list. Somehow they get it before the legal foreclosure process is even actually started.

Pre-foreclosures can be great opportunities for experienced real estate investors. Here are some ways to find preclosure leads:-

  1. Search Public Records
  2. Look Online
  3. Search Local Newspapers
  4. Find Asset Managers
  5. Find Government Foreclosures

Maybe you could also try visiting

There are many ways to getting leads in foreclosures:

  1. find real estate broker
  2. Register yourself on foreclosure websites
  3. Major Bank Websites
  4. Government Agencies

We use a service called If you can call your county to see if you can get data from there, it is the most accurate data. Where you decide to get your data from make sure it is accurate and up to date.

as with the other post along this line - great feedback posts… go get em

I have heard good things about the go knock app for this niche