preforeclosures and controlling the property

Hello everyone. I’m new and doing research on preforeclosure deals. I was wondering if any of guys could share the process after the owner says he wants your help and wants to do business. Assuming there is good equity, the house is in good shape and you would want the deal. The things I think I would need is for them to sign a quitclaim or warranty deed, authorization of release, and a sales contract. Do any of you have a seller disclosure that you use. This is a very grey area for me and any enlightening comments would be appreciated. Also, when your negociating some equity payoff back to the seller do you use a promissary note paid after they move out? Thanks

Purchase “The Pre-Foreclosure Investor’s Kit” by Thomas Lucier. It will answer EVERY question you have and has ALL the forms you need for FREE. Just be sure to have a Real Estate Attorney in your area make sure is follows all of your states statues. :slight_smile: