Preforeclosure Options?

Hello, I’m just beginning to bird dog with a local company. The investor’s assistant (Julie) has been assigned to help me get started. She’s a busy woman, hard to reach, and largely unavailable. Julie sent me a preforeclosure phone script and directed that I set up a meeting with the homeowner. The script is as follows:

When you do get the owner on the phone just say –Hi (whatever their name is) my name is (your name) and I am calling locally here in Property Solutions. I specialize in helping people that are in pre-foreclosure and I would love to chat with you about the different options that I have available. Could I schedule a time with you to meet at your house and go over this? I am sure you don’t want the bank to get your house so that is why I am here. (If they don’t answer say something similar and leave your contact number.

After receiving the script, I attempted to follow up with Julie. I was interested in knowing what preforecosure options I were to discuss with the homeowner. It has been weeks and she hasn’t gotten back to me. It’s clear I need to educate myself on birddogging and real estate investing as a whole.

My first question is what pre-foreclosure options does an investor offer a homeowner in foreclosure? As a birddog, to what extent would I present these options to the homeowner?

I’m curious, are you just making appointments or do they want you to meet with the homeowner?
If ur not receiving some more training and ur contact is not there to help you, perhaps you shud find some better companies to bird dog for.

I’m expected to meet with the homeowner. Your correct. At this point, I understand it is best to educate myself and use my current contact as a buyer for any deals I may find. On my own, I have made initial contact with the owner of an abandoned property. The homeowner wasn’t interested in selling at this time. It’s a probate. I’ll follow up at a better time. The concept of birddogging vacant properties seem basic. But, I don’t have a thorough understanding of birddogging preforeclosures.

My first meeting with homeowners I was so nervous w dry mouth, I cud have spit dirt clods,
Some knowledge is best, some training wudnt hurt, but I just dove in, & learned fast wat not to do.
I’ll put you to work, tell me about your city.

I live in Hopewell, Virginia. It’s 25 miles from Richmond, Virginia. It’s a small city. But, it is surrounded by other small cities that make up the tri- cities of Richmond. I’d appreciate working with you.

I see pre-foreclosure in three ways.

70% are underwater.

20% are squatting until eviction.

10% have both equity and the sense to get out.

Being smart enough and having enough knowledge will help you filter out that 80%.

I actually love talking to these owners. In the beginning I thought I needed to know everything and honestly it takes just talking to people to understand how they tick and how to get them to sign the damn paperwork so you can help them.