preforeclosure lists from title companies?

anyone obtain preforeclosure lists from title companies?

if so, how would one go about obtaining a list from them? who in the company would this be received from? lastly, how would you develop a relationship so they would provide them.

after posting a title representative came into the office.

it seems they hire individuals to do the searching for them as well.

fyi for those who were curious.

Just an FYI, you cannot get lists from title companies in Texas, they are prohibited by law to give out lists.

As far as establishing relationships, the only thing that works is if they either get paid for the service, or get something in return. Referrals, deals, etc.

When you are starting out, it is little harder since your deals are far and between, but it will come with time

hi fadi,

interesting about texas. i actually received an email from the county clerk of one of texas’ counties and she said to contact mortgage companies.

i’m curious how this is illegal. doesn’t it violate the Open Records Act?

I guess we have strong Realtor org :slight_smile: In Texas, giving out lists by title companies is equivilent to practicing Real Estate without a license. They are providing real estate leads. This doesn’t provide the Open Record Act, the are not hiding anything… they are just not sourcing the information.

They may refer you to outside sources to get free or purchase, but they won’t provide it.