Preforeclosure Door knocking scripts - Can anyone provide? Please

Good day. I have some good leads in my area and would like to know if anyone have any good door knocking scripts that they have themselves or have the dan doran script that they can share please :slight_smile: I really need an approach for myself and my team. I really appreciate any assistance. Thanks


:banghead 2nd time you asked this question

The numbers in this game are easy

If price plus costs plus profit is less than value then you buy.

Now it gets complicated because you add in the human factor

You have to convince someone to sell, and every someone you meet in this line of work is different to every someone else.

There is no such thing as a script. You have to wing it, because you’re dealing with another someone who has no idea what your script is.

If you really have no idea what to say, then maybe you should buy more courses and learn a little more about what you’re trying to do before you jump in feet first. You need to obtain knowledge to be able to answer questions.

If you really want the DD script, just go buy it.

Yes, i Know. I wanted to know everyones general approach and procedure. Thanks

be straight forward with the owner. They need to sell and you want to buy. I agree with not having a script but you shouldn’t need to buy courses to learn. Save your money and practice on your potential deals. Are you afraid of hearing no? Then who cares…go knock on the door and see what the story is. They may just tell you to get off the lawn but they may ask what you can do to help. Do you know what you can offer? If not, then you shouldn’t be knocking. Unless you just want to tell them you’re trying to make money on their unfortunate situation and see how that goes…

Good luck but don’t spend money on courses.

JDS - Do you honestly believe in “winging it?” Any “salesman” knows that you NEVER “wing it.” You ALWAYS need to have something rehearsed (opening lines, questions, answers, etc.). The answers will never be the same because everyone is different but that is where you adapt, adjust and overcome.

Dwaine- I agree with G that you shouldn’t waste your money on a course that provides a “script” but I do recommend buying, or borrowing from the library, sales books that teach you how to formulate questions that get the responses that you’re looking for. It’s kind of like a checklist and depending on the answer that you get from your question, you ask a different question. I do agree with JDS that you need to know your stuff before you go knocking. So, in closing Step 1 is to keep reading RE info. Step 2 invest in sales books Step 3 Create questions that you know the answers to from your RE research. Good Luck!

Some people think “script” means a pat answer, but it just means you’ve thought about frequently asked questions and what you’d like to convey. If a common seller objection is “why shouldn’t I list with a real estate agent”, all investors have said the same types of things over and over even if they don’t want to call it a “script”.

I think we all use scripts, but just don’t call them that. After answering the same questions, we’re bound to start providing similar answers even if they change a little bit. Scripts are dialogs that you’ve already thought about and you adjust depending on the situation and who you’re talking to.