Preforeclosure Courses (LMI and Financial Health Coach)

Hi! I am brand new to the business and I want to know if anyone has had any dealings with either of these companies. LMI offers a 1200 dollar course and Financial Health Coaches offer a year long 20k course. I have found little info on them. I know that LMI (Mr. Weisgal) has a good BBB rating but can find no info on FHC. What do you guys think?

I haven’t heard of either of the ocmpanies you mentioned. They could be very good educators. However, I believe that as a newbie you would benefit by reading and reading and reading from the free info available across the internet. THEN you will have questions. Ask your questions.

Narrow your approach to one or two methods: Are you wanting to generate income or build a portfolio? (Remember you CAN eat an elephant or build a pyramid if you do it ONE bite or ONE stone at a time). From there, find your niche and you will then be able to better analyze an educator’s offering, as well as see what blanks you have in your knowledge base.

Creative REI is SO vast it can be very confusing and you can easily loose your focus, as well as your Money, when you pay to put someone else in charge of your goals. KNOW your goals. KNOW your WHYs.

That said, see the list of services offered to the left of the page we are on? Investor info, resources, forums, products. Go there and begin reviewing and reading the materials…buy a book or two. Order a class or two. Then ask more questions.

If preforeclosures are your focus/niche, get some books and tapes on investing that way. Go to that author’s forums, read more, ask more questions.

The other way is to jump in, mess it up and find your way out. Either way is good way to learn…the latter being a bit more of a thrill…lol!

Anyway, I hope this helps. There are MANY different thoughts, but once you find Your thoughts, then you are rockin’. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you Melissa for your wise advice. (Melissa -good name also my sisters ) I am going into Preforeclosure and short sales. It is calling to me. I have read a lot on it (as far as profit potential, gathering leads, etc) and I know some people that have money to invest if I put the deal together. I need hard info on putting the package together correctly. I was just curious as to whether or not anyone on the board had dealt with either of these companies. Thanks again.

Financial health coach is ryan, angie and clause. They are ron legrand graduates. Need I say more!