Sorry but I am the one in need of some help with this type of lead. I would like to know if you guys know of a good course or book to learn about this target /strategy? I am about to pick up the book “THe Pre-foreclosure Property Investor’s Kit” which looks like the best book on this subject. Is there any other book or program out there that’s worth checking out?

I would also like to know if anyone has used which sells these leads and then mails out yellow letters to them? Just wondering how accurate those leads are and if is worth the money?

What would be a better target? Pre-foreclosures or absentee owners? Not sure if foreclosures are dying down right now so I am thinking I better jump on the ship before it sails.

Much appreciated!

This is the age of information technology. Books are the good source to learn, but I feel that, you can get more knowledge through online tutorials, Yahoo answers, message boards and recent articles.
Furthermore, you can check the online library to get e-books and newsletters on the topic and download them for further use.