preconstruction--Chris Anderson

Anyone have info on Chris Anderson and He offers a Mastermind Group that is essentially an investment Club and uses the leverage of the group to make preconstruction deals.

He sells some education products also.

Any info on this?


Glad to meet you.

Since about 1962 I was doing pre-construction only back then we did not really have a name for it. Seems to be the lastest craze however, pre-construction nice ring to it.

I would be hard pressed to let someone else do my due diligence on a property other than myself. Example on point, I received a private message from someone in Las Vegas who had just purchased houses for about $525K each, now how could you miss in Las Vegas with the appreciation rates what they are?

Long story short, she said in just over a month these properties dropped in value and were only worth about $430K each and needed advice on what to do. So you see all that glitters is not gold.

Do not know anything about Chris Anderson, just what is going on with this old, I mean new investing method.

John $Cash$ Locke

Let me guess- INVESTOR SPECIAL’S–Which are the same as If you sign today special’s or First time buyers special or an Inventory home! Bought into them one time here where I am they are not really that good of deals I mean there ok just not great!!!