Pre-screening the leads

Does anyone have some recommedations on organizing the conversation with the leads you recieve. I am not a natural at negotiating and any suggestions or “boilerplate” scripts would be appreciated


Yes I do


I use Pat Live to take calls and they load them into my website. I place them into 3 sections. A for HOT B for Warm and C for dead fish.

B sometimes move up or down and A will sometimes go all the way down to C. I maintain them online and with outlook. Lately I have been using SKYPE to do call backs, with computer and property record open. I can tell you that I can whip through leads really easy and set appointment for my Sales Manager to go look and bring it back.


that sounds interesting i think i’ll look into that further. Is Pat Live and automated response system? I’m really looking for a way to help me avoid myself, if that makes any sense. I just feel that even with hot leads i tend to get in my own way with negotiating.


yes you do ???


Pat live has given my life back. I am not sure about automated response. But here is how the flow:

Seller or buyer calls my phone:
Pat live answers the call and fills out buyer or seller questionair.
When it is entered into my website, several people gets text messaged.
If I am near the computer I will look and see to call the seller or forward to the Sales Manager in the market that I am working.

it just flows nice.


Pat live type of system is okay however in the beginning you need to be answering your telephone when possible. When not, use a service like pat live just don’t use them they SUCK!

Their issue is that they answer the telephone with music before saying anything… I was on stage promoting them once and it took them 2:45 seconds and I finally hung up… They never did answer… When they do their people are trained, however I couldn’t take the risk of my calls being answered so I went with a local service and implemented a website with the questions to ask.

As for motivation it is difficult for a call center to determine that. Sure they can say this one is really excited about selling but I don’t know one who can actually determine the viability of a prospect… It takes too much ground work and running numbers for me to delegate that to someone I pay 100 bucks a month to.

The software program I use is completely set to handle this type of service, can’t even imagine what I would do without it…

Good Hunting in your investment career


it comes down to just getting used to it, i feel i have been getting better at it everytime i pick up the phone or return a call.

my first real marketing blitz is set to kick off next week so i am hoping i’ll get all the practice i am going to need for a while.

thanks for the advice, i’ll be sure to tap into you guys again :beer

Jon, you have to decide what you want to do with a property once you have it. That will effect how you can buy it. Which in turn will determine what questions you need the seller to answer. Then it’s just a matter of finding the people who answer your questions the right way.

Your trepedation probably comes from the thought that your success has something to do with what you say. It doesn’t. Even if you sound like an idiot on the phone they will still go for the deal if they believe it’s in their best interests. And if they don’t it won’t matter if you’re a master of neuro-linguistic programming you won’t be able to convince them.

Your success depends only on your willingness to contact people and your consistancy in doing so.

And if you really hate talking to people on the phone like I do, you’re in luck because you can do it all online these days. At about 12am Wednesday I send out 15 emails. By the end of the day I had 5 completed questionaires in my inbox. I spent maybe 10 minutes sending those emails and now I have all the info I need to make them an offer, without ever speaking to them or answering any questions. If they don’t like my offer I’ll spend another 10 minutes sending emails.

Combine that with an investing technique that frees you geographically, and you’re good to go.

at this point our primary goal is to rehab and resell, followed by wholesaling to other rehabbers or investors with lease option/renting as a back up. I am not looking for long term holdings and definetly not looking to chase my money.

youre right, when i have come across the few slightly motivated sellers it hasnt mattered what i say all they hear is “cash” and " i am going to solve your real estate problem". Its good to know that I am not the only one that really not enthused when it comes to talking to sellers.

Well the way I look at an answering service is that its like McDonalds. They take orders. When the order comes in it is up to us to prepare the meal…