pre-requisite to investment

i am dealing real estate investment since 2 years. i invite all of you member to express their experience here. it will be beneficial for all of us to broaden our experience!

well, I have been learning about it for nearly a decade now. Books, audio programs, forums, etc… But, the area I was in seemed too expensive for me to be able to do any deals. In truth, that was just what I would tell myself so I wouldn’t feel so bad. It was fear.

But, now that i am actively pursuing my investing I almost feel like a total tool for waiting so long. There was nothing to be afraid of. The sellers I have spoken with seem to all be happy to speak with me, even if we don’t work something out. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but so what? Hell, my career was as security and I dealt with A-Holes on a regular basis. Already the ratio of good people to bad people is reversed. :smile

I guess what i’m saying is, in my experience, don’t make excuses. I have found that the mind will find what it’s looking for. And what it’s looking for is directed by you. You decide what it will look for. If you decide that “it’s too expensive where I’m at” or “This won’t work in my area” then your mind will take notice of all the “evidence” that will validate your perspective. You will find yourself in a mental prison. The worst part is that you’re not only prisoner, you’re also prison guard.

One thing that has helped me recently is to notice that, no matter what, people are selling and people are buying. There will always be people who need to sell and people who want to buy.

I started a part-time business investing in income producing assets not realted to real estate, and that business took off and I went full-time and eventually had more money than I knew what to do with. I began investing in real estate and realized I loved it with a passion, and decided someday it would be my career. For now I invest in real estate part-time (to be clear I am self employed full-time, earning a large six-figure income, and that won’t ever change - LOL) but I am working on getting 24 houses debt free (my next goal after long passing my goal of 12 houses). I live on less than I earn, and enjoy financial freedom.

When the market picks up in a year to several years, I plan on rehabbing/selling homes for earned income and keeping a nice portfolio of properties for passive income…and sooner or later switch to real estate full-time. And someday I may actually get into real estate development.

Rogelio and motivatedceo both of you people are doing well in your capacity and i hope you will succeed in your ambitions!
i also join this profession two years back after completing my academics. in the last year in spite of recession, i able to make some good deals in Ontario which generate handsome revenue.these deals makes me more interested in real estate. all of you knows that foreclosure process is quite lengthy and slow as well but if you able to haunt good deals in distressed market it will give you better incentive than other deals. your experience will be inspirational for me to go deep in this sector.