Looking at a property that was in foreclosure now owned by bank. Back on market for 245K as is-needs at least 80K worth of work. Called listing agent who won’t show without pre-qualification. Each time a pre-qualification is done a credit check is done. Anyone else having this problem.

Find a broker that can handle all of your needs. If you use one person the need for multiple credit pulls will not be necessary.

You could also use a hard money lender. I have one that gives me one that lasts 90 days. They also don’t pull my credit report.

Use your own real estate agent as a buyer’s representative. Your own agent should be able to show you the property without the hassle you are getting from the listing agent.

Wachovia bank has a site where you can enter your financial information and get a free prequalification letter. I have not used this site, so I don’t have any first hand experience. This may be all you need.

Could you give me a brief on exactly how a hard money lender works & on what kind of deals they would lend on? If that’s not too broad of a question.

Thanx for all the responses and good info. HB