pre-nod leads

what are these exactly. anyone use them. any info. on how they preform.

pre-nod leads come from the credit agencies. They report and sell leads of owners are 30-60-90 days late on their mortgage payments. You can’t buy them direct you need to go through a list broker that has a relationship with them. I’ve just started using them but they aren’t cheap. The source I use charges .45 cents a record and you need to buy a minimum 1000 records.

wow, my list company sells for .16 per lead with a 5,000 min. That’s almost double. Who are you going through?


I like the .16 cents per record, wish they had a 1,000 min. I use Who do you use?

I use US DATA CORP. My lists are for other businesses though, not my foreclosure stuff. All of the foreclosure stuff I do from conducting short sales to helping others to posting in these forums is all a hobby for me. My day job(s) consist of Commercial Brokering and I have a travel agency. Although they have lists for everything, my list purchases are primarily for my travel business. I’ll have to ask about the NOD and pre foreclosure lists next time I talk to them.

GooD Luck! :beer

When you buy the 30-60-90 lists, do you just get any of them, or can you say “I only want 90 day lates”?

It may depend on the person you’re buying them from. The one I use works this way. You provide at least 10 zip codes you want and then they start with giving you 90 day leads for those zips and then fill in with 60 and then 30 until your number of records (1000 min) has been met.

Is there a site or a company that does that in the Long Island, New York area?

I beleive the company I use and others that provide this service can do it anywhere in the US. They work by zip code not by specific area.

? I am behind payment 4 months trying short sell Wells Fargo send me short sell paper work & contact realtor . I have lean on home with Benificial . Realtor told me to talk with a Lawyer because of the lean on home . I talked with one & she suggested chapter 7, was told by a friend an investor can buy the propety & talk to both banks to make a deal instead of filing chapter 7. Can a investor buy home? First morgage I owe 79.532.32 only behind with house . 2nd is 15.323.00 … What do you suggest?? Property was appraised 2005 110.000.00

JAX. I would suggest hiring a short sale specialist. If a short sale can be succesfully negotiated with your lien holders you’ll prevent a bankruptcy and a foreclosure from your credit. Then you can start over without having your credit destroyed. Also, your 2005 appraisal is no good any longer. An updated market value of your home will be necessary. Definately contact a short sale specialist. Good luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as where one would find these companies that provide pre nod lists?

Check out the begining of this thread. I put a link to one of the companies that offer it.

Hey Tom I checked that site out and I think they only work out of Missouri. Maybe I’m missing something.

Correct, they provide NOD’s only for Missouri. However they provide “Pre-NOD’s” anywhere in the US. You need to give them a call or send them an e-mail for details. Hope that helps. is a good one. i’ve used it for other lists, but not 30-60-90 lists.

We have a network of investors who collectively order upwards of 10,000 leads per month. As a result, we get pretty good pricing with the source we use. We sub-broker leads for .42 cents w/ a 500 minimum…meaning we allow people to piggy back off of our orders. Also, we never allow more than one person to order the same area. We order with phone #'s, scrubbed for the DNC list where available. It works well since we send letters then follow up with a phone call. Anyone interested in piggy backing off our monthly order…please pm me for more details.

I am in Columbia Missouri, need someone (investor ) that will be able to help me???

i don’t trust this website. there is no contact information, not even a toll free number. all beware this may be a scam.