Has anyone heard of pre-habbing? What is involved with being a pre-habber?

Thats a new one on my, unless that is the term they are using now for the REO companies that are rehabbing the properties themselves prior to putting them on the market.
There are a few Brokers in my city doing it for the REO companies before listing. The banks thought is that they will be able to get more out of the sale by doing this.
Its a coming thing.

Bank of American inform us this morning that they will only sell us 100 REO’s homes per month now because they are fixing them up and renting them out.

I think the banks figured out they pretty much have to start putting people in these places so they’re not just dead assets. The bank we bought a bunch of properties from in January has a guy who was basically their staff property manager. He was handling almost 30 homes last fall.

It is better to rent them out at below market rate then let them set.

I was at a fortunebuilders seminar the other day and talked about this. Asically what is is kinda like wholesaling u get the house and get your rehab costs with contractor then package in the contractor and sell it to the investor as a packaged deal.

doesn’t seem realistic to package property with contractor, assuming end buyers will most often have allegiant teams in place as preferred rehab contractors. IMO, might actually restrict the buyer pool than enhance it, unless my underlying assumption and understanding are wrong…