Hello to all;

Can you get the list of pre-foreclosures from your local county court house??? I am in Philadelphia, PA. :help

Yes, typically the local court house in your area will have NOD’s (Notice of Defaults). They are also sometimes posting in legal newspapers in the area. Usually you have to go to the court house to get the information, it isn’t something they can send you.

The best solution is to find out if there is a local list provider in your area, that compiles that information and will send it to you for a fee.

You may be able tog et what you need off of the internet? If not, you should be able to go to the courthouse and get it for sure…although you may still have to compile it your self or pay an assistant. You’re in a pretty big area, I would imagine you have someone in your area who compiles lists daily and sells them. Have you looked into that option? It would probably save you a lot of time and a lot of money (time=money).

I would think, especially in your market, that every investor in town is lining up to get the foreclosure list and then knocking on doors or sending mail? That’s how it is in my market at least. It’s very hard to find good deals that way.

Best of luck!!