Pre-Foreclosures as possible Wholesale deal

Hello all :biggrin I’ve been reading this book lately and been thinking of how to find good deals. I know driving and finding vacant houses and distressed owners are good ways to do wholesale deals. But, How about owners with NOD or NTS as possible wholesale deals? Please, any info is greatly appreciated. Also, what number of contracts do you use with homeowners? Is it just a Contract to purchase and contract to assign?

All options are on the table to find motivated sellers. I would read the marketing section of ideas…

As far as the contract goes, you could have seperate, you could have it as an addendum, you could have it as part of the contract language, or you can add “name and/or assigns” as buyer name.

When you get into NOD’s you probably need to consider working short sales. Not always, but I think you’ll find a majority of the NOD’s will not have enough equity so you will have to create it.