i have a question, i am currently in a iraq and plan on moving my family back to stockton , ca and wondering how do i go about getting a list of homes pre 1986 loans that i could use to assume the loan. and if it be better if i went the auction to a deed auction? i have about 20,000 thousand saved…thank u

Howdy Platnum:

Google search is the best way I know to search your county for a listing service.

I am not sure of the question about attending the auction, but at the auction they require cash to buy the house for the total amount of the loan. If you get the owner to agree to sell it to you before the auction you can bring the loan current by paying the back payments and assume the loan or buy it subject to the existing financing.

Hope this helps

thank you for your help, do i just put pre-forecloseure and stockton inthe serch window?

Howdy Platnum:

You mat have to try several words or combinations of words to locate them. You may try the yellow pages in your phone book too. Make sure of the spelling when looking stuff up