Hello everyone,

I would like to learn about pre-foreclosures. Does anyone know of a course that can teach you and not from one of those get rich schemes. I’m looking for a course that really works and not full of junk. And that doesn’t milk you for every dime you have.

Any recommendation? Has anyone heard of Foreclosure Hunter’s
Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics, I believe from Hugh Williams? Please give me your feedback.


I’m aware of a few lower end courses including the one you mention, but have not reviewed any of them. I’m working my way through Jeff Kaller’s course right now and think it’s good quality, but it’s fairly expensive.

I’m hoping to add Kaller’s stuff here soon, but we keep playing phone tag. I will likely add a lesser cost foreclosure course in the next week or so, but I haven’t gone through it so I can’t tell you if it focuses on preforeclosures or not.

Sorry I’m not much help on this one. Hopefully, you’ll get more responses. There’s just not that many courses of which I’m aware that focus primarily on preforeclosures.