pre foreclosure what city??

ok i live in a college town and to be honest its has about 4 people that own most of the property one owning about 1/2 our town atleast now i know his story and how he got into the rei game and he is to the point that he buys houses just to rent out to college students even when the numbers dont always make sense basically has so much money it doesnt matter…my question is there are about 12,000 people that live in my town and every town surrounding 40 miles is about this big i would have to travel almost an hour to get to a good sized city where most “guru” say u should look for a city with a min of 30,000 people so my question is do u think its smarter to try to learn rei for pre foreclosures in in my surrounding towns or travel to get the info for the big city?..when i use to get the preforeclosure list for the area around me which is 3 counties each county had about 2-3 preforeclosures a week …i was mailing them and getting about a 40% response rate i know it sounds high but i did track it for about 3 months and was consistant…any ideas would be appreciated i am thinking about also direct mailing fsbo in the are and absontee owners

sorry just this little add on i guess what im asking do u think that extra drive everytime i need info or to look at a house is worth not having to go to 3 diff counties for lis pendens and then diff title comps for absontee owners???