Pre- Foreclosure Solicitation Letter

new to real estate investments, can someone guide me in to direction of what the solictation letter should say and what to leave out in order to garner success. Any advice is greatly appreciated

Here is one that I am using… Keep in mind that I send 4 differenct types of mail to the prospect and at mulitple times… But the system I use does all of that for me and is fairly easy to manager…

{{Investor.FirstName}} {{Investor.LastName}} Date: {{Date.Printed}}
{{Investor.City}}, {{Investor.State}} {{Investor.Zip}}


                        ***********Five Hundred Dollars and .00/100*********** 

Pay to the order of:

{{Seller.FirstName}} {{Seller.LastName}}
{{Property.HouseNum}} {{Property.StreetName}}
{{Property.City}}, {{Property.State}} {{Property.Zip}}

{{Seller.FirstName}} {{Seller.LastName}}, let me say I am sorry for making your heart beat a little faster than normal, seeing a check for $ 500.00 usually makes most people excited. As it should, I think five hundred dollars is a lot of money.

First, let me tell you why I sent you a check for $ 500.00. This is the amount of money I will give you to help you pay your next mortgage payment or what else you need to pay. Even if you’re behind on your payments or in foreclosure now.

I know that there are home owners who need to sell their house or are considering it. If I described you please pick up the telephone and call me at 877-877-1010 and invite me over to buy your house. It is that simple! All you must do is call me. When I buy you house, I will give you a real check for 500.00 more than we agreed to.

And the best part is that there is never a cost for my service.

Secondly, I am going to be very upfront and honest with you, in fact my faith requires me to tell you a couple of things that I think are very important for you to be aware of.

  1. I can only help a certain number of people. And when that number is reached I can’t help anyone else.
  2. House prices are falling fast, extremely fast and by waiting to call me you’re losing money and value in your house, so please call me quickly so I can help.

Lastly, I know saving money is important to everyone. My program SAVES you money and gets your home SOLD at the same time. And more importantly it allows you to get on with your life. That’s what you want isn’t it? Not to mention an extra $ 500.00 in your pocket isn’t a bad way to start. Your Success is directly tied to your calling me, please call.

Please do not void this offer by waiting too long, and remember there are no costs to you when you sell me your house. No fees, no commissions, no repairs, nothing. I pay everything and you can use this check for anything you want.

{{Investor.FirstName}} {{Investor.LastName}}

PS If you would like to set a no hassle, no pressure, no obligation appointment with me to buy your house, just give me a call at {{Investor.Phone1}}.

PSS Remember I can only help so many people, make one of them you…

What kind of SS letters do you use? If you use this for SS you woudl’n give homeowner 500.00 before banks acceptance would you.

do you use personal checks (hand written) or business checks?

I never give cash with out deeds and keys… And in a case of SS I would be buying a personal Item worth that amount not giving them money for real property… Also understand it is a method for getting your telephone to ring… And I cant give you all 60 of my letters… Sorry…

Good Luck

Michael Quarles

I use a One Up business check and it is typed using my software program…

Micheal what type of software program do you use. I’m just getting in to the subject to game and want to up my marketing. We have alot of preforeclosures here where people just walk away. I’ve bought 2 in the last 3 weeks but I’m starting the direct mail campain and need some help. Any would be great. Thanks

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