Pre-Foreclosure Listings?

Hello Everyone. I was just wondering if any of you have any suggestions of where I can find pre-foreclosure homes for sale by owner? I am not able to go to the courthouse to get a list. Just wondering if there are any online free listings without trials? Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Google “FSBO” for your area

Thank You for your help. I’ll get started now.

Have a great day!

If you are a cash buyer visit your local bank.

There are certain agents that can actually provide such information. Though it is quite hard to find one, the best place where you can get it is through banks who owns the properties.

If a property is in pre-foreclosure it would only mean that the property owner has received a default notice. The bank wouldn’t have taken possession yet. Correct?

That is correct.

The first stage of foreclosure is public information. I am in California and the first public notice is a Notice of Default. I personally use for my information.

I personally use BOA’s database to find everyone that is 45-90 days late that has not gone into default status yet… I guess that is not an option that is open to the public though :rolleyes So the best bet is to use a service such as :biggrin

Hi and might be. Be careful of anything listed on craigslist by owner though. Some cities and states have newspaper notification or private papers of notification of the up coming foreclosure trustee sales. Some investors use these to door knock the properties they determine their interested in.

You may also want to see notifications from the bk court when lifts of stay are given. Some times or may be helpful. Maybe even reviewing sales prior to lifts of stay maybe helpful.

I know of a Short Sale MLS service that is being launched next month that can help you find properties, and also negotiate if you need. I know a few agents and Investors that have worked with them in the past and nothing but good things,

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Hmmm do you also know where I can get a Delorean and maybe a Flux Capacitor?? Maybe I can go back in time and warn the Homeowners not to purchase the property and save them the trouble of dealing with a Short Sale in the future? That would be amazing!

We used BOA’s database to find everyone that is 45-90 days late everyday and we have pick great deals. BOA’s database is not a public database it is for private use.

Always nice to have a BOA login don’t you think Real Estate Seller?

It is nice.

You can find a lot of forclosure list in the bank… Visit the nearest bank in your area. :biggrin

yahoo lists them…the mls lists them…they just do not give the address. But, you could check the county website for property information…search by street if allowed…then just look through them for one that is bank owned or match sq. footage. There probably is an easier way. Those “free trial” service probably list the addresses. Note that I am not an investor.