Pre Foreclosure letters

Does anyone have a preforeclosure letter they wouldn’t mind sharing for use in Texas. I subscribe to a local service for preforeclosure listings and tried 1 month. I sent out 2 sets of letters to 30 potential sellers that seemed like there might be enough equity to work with. I had zero response. I thought the letters were decent and maybe they are but it sure was depressing to get no response at all.

If you have had success with a particular letter in Texas and you wouldn’t mind sharing it I would appreciate it. Also, if my expectations are just to high for wanting to see 1 response out of 30 I would appreciate comments on this as well.

Thanks in advance

Greg…here’s something I’ll share with you. Truth is, you might be able to help me out too.

Go to…

under"Free Books" grab a copy of “Picking up Pre-Forclosures in Good Neighborhoods Without Cash, Credit, or a Bullet-Proof Vest” (whew!!)

At the end is a suggested mailing campaign with 5-separate letters that go out in weekly intervals…depending on response. Personally I’m more inclined to show up at the door since I don’t have a great deal of difficulty chatting with perfect strangers, but that’s just me. In any case, these letters seem like they could be pretty effective, with a little tweaking. Good luck.

Now, if you can, there’s something you might be able to help me with…How did you find your local service for preforeclosure listings in your area? I’m in Maryland and I’m told there are similar services in almost every state, but I can’t seem to locate one here, and culling leads from the courthouse takes a lot of time.


Thanks trevsdad,

I’ll take a look at the letters. I’d really like to hear what someone from Texas uses. Texas is different than most other states in that we only have 21 days notice before the property is sold on the court house steps. The 5 letter approach is used when you have months. I’ve seen a bunch of these and kinda tweaked a couple I’ve seen but as I said, I didn’t recieve any replys from the 30 I sent out. I mailed a first and second letter but in Texas we don’t have time for more than that.

As for the forclosure listing service. I located this one from word of mouth from a friend. They also showed up at my local REI club meetings. You can check them out at but I belive they only cover Texas. Try searching on the web for your state and county.

Good luck.