Pre-Foreclosure Letter

I was just wondering if anyone bothered putting the owners name on the letter and the envelope. I have a hard time finding the owners name of the address I have from the courthouse (in some cities). I would rather put their name on the letter to make it more personal, but was wondering if anyone had any luck otherwise. Thanks

I handwrite it out with a glue on stamp. Looks more personal. Some advocate postcards. I have a big red stamp “Check Enclosed” across the face of the envelope. Phone rings off the hook. I actually send a voided check made out to them.

Thanks, I do use stick on stamps and have been printing the address on the envelope with my printer, but maybe I will hand write a few and see how it goes. I got the foreclosure list yesterday and have been working on it nonstop to find names for each address. I have over 120 in my area that need to be sent out and I’m considering letting a few slide without names - I want to get these out ASAP.

How much do you write the check for? And is it a company check?
I think that is awesome marketing.

Typically for FMV, not that I intend to pay it…but the letter has gotten me in the door. I’ll crunch the figures in front of them FMV less arrearages less repairs less holding costs, etc etc etc. I use personal checks for my deals, company check for a birddog/partner deal for the added credibility. On my personal deals, it’s none of the homeowners business what I do for a living. On my partnered deals, the homeowner appreciates the added boost of dealing with the sole decisionmaking authority in the company. Plus it adds a sense of urgency, I let them know upfront I look at several per day, this is your opportunity to allow me to help. When I hang up without a commitment, that particular deal’s off the table and just became less favorable for them.

I’m just getting into this area. Is anyone willing to share their some of their marketing material?

I think it’s always best to put their name on it. I send out 2 type of letters. For the handwritten yellow letter, the sender’s name and address is handwritten on the envelope. For John Michael’s preforeclosure letter, it is sent by using the following format:

Return address
Administrative office
123 abc street
Anytown, USA 1234567-8901

Sender’s address
RE: Countrywide Lending
John Doe
123 foreclosure street
Anytown, USA 1234567-8901

I have only started addressing it like this for my last mailing which went out Tuesday. It will take another week to see the results. First, It let’s them know right off the bat that it’s not another coupon, or store solicitation. Second, It may make them wonder if it’s from their bank about the auction. I wanted to add “Personal and Confidential” under the Return address or put it on the envelope, but I haven’t found an option for that on the website.

Now for the handwritten letters, if you are not getting a response, you might want to try a new idea I am working on. The house is either abandoned or they just got so much mail. It all gets piled up and ignored or trashed. While knocking on doors last year, I came across an abandoned house with an envelope on the front door mat. Apparently, some investors are hand delivering their letters to the front porch, so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other stuff. No stamp needed. The letter was typed and placed in a unsealed fake express envelope. I think you could work it with a personal letter in an envelope with just the owner’s name. Some of your competition may already be giving them 4 or 5 letters a week this way. The odds are alot better of getting it opened. They will be too curious not to open this envelope sitting on their doorstep. You don’t have to worry about reaching people in the evening, like I did, because most folks don’t open then doors at nightfall to strangers.