Pre Foreclosure Letter Responses

Does anyone have approximate response rates on Pre Foreclosure mailers? For example if you send a 1000 what is your average response rate?


That depends on the piece used and list.

Yellow Letter - over 2%
Check Letter - Over 5%
Professional Letter 1% ±
Post card less then 1%

The key is not calls its calls to contract contracts to closes closes to resells resells to cash… You should have a contract for each 9 calls…

The postcards are a better ratio then that because the callers are more serious due to the dialog of the mail piece. The check letters get a ton of calls so be ready to refer to a loan mod company for 700 each…

“The check letters”? Is that a letter than looks like a check? Talk to me, Michael.

Send me an email and I’ll buy you one of those fancy 1/3 Angus Burgers at MickeyD’s. Shoot, if it’s a good idea, maybe I’ll buy your Angus Burgers for a week!

Exactly although is actually a voucher… Its against the law to mail a fake check… They work well