Pre-foreclosure/Foreclosure leads

I’ve been working the pre-foreclosure market and seem to run into many road blocks. None of the sources I use provide phone numbers so I have too look up each owner one by one. Don’t have a problem with maual labor however 9 out of 10 are not listed - for the 1 I do find, the number is disconnected or if someone picks up the phone they claim so and so doesn’t live there. Does anyone else have this problem? What am I missing here? Does anyone send mailers to these people?

What kind of sources are you using to get this information?

County records, on-line sources or title company. None providing phone numbers.

Try to look up phone numbers.
They are free and one of the best sites for this. About 90 % of the time they’ll find the person you’re looking for. I also have some other info that may help your Pre-Foreclosure efforts.
I’ll email you.

Pre-foreclosures are definitely more difficult to find then foreclosures. However, our office, for example, has an expensive subscription to it. They always ask the county, so we have just two of them – Miami-Dade and Broward. There enough work for everyone even in those two counties.