Pre-Foreclosure Contract, Deed?

Say I’m in the door at a preforeclosure, nice deep equity position, the owners are ready to make it happen, I pull out a contract… Here’s where I’m lost: If I use a warranty deed, there’s a place at the bottom for a notary public to sign. Doesn’t this mean the seller and I have to be in front of the notary? Is a warranty deed the document of choice? Why or why not? Why not just a purchase and sale with plenty of subject-to’s? I need to have a ready-document with me all the time, as I’m finding deals regularly, but want to proceed properly. Thanks.

I don’t do kitchen table deals – get a lawyer involved – one of your choice. They are worth the expense. Any thoughts on a title search? Entering into a contract to purchase without one is nuts.

What state are you in. Depending on the state you are in you may be able to do a closing at a title company. They can order the payoff from the seller and make sure you get the right deed and the property transfer will be correct.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

The scenario I’m trying to describe is long before closing. I’m just trying to tie up the property, to get the owner’s signature on a document that I then race to the courthouse with to block out other investors, Realtors, etc. Then I’ll order a title search, contact lien holders, etc. I’ve heard of people using everything from quitclaim deeds to warranty deeds to cocktail napkins to just “tie it up.” I’m just wondering which is the preferred method for professional bird dogs or investors? I’m in Washington State. Thanks…