Pre Forclosure List

Does any one know where to get a pre foreclouser liist at? I taked with a guy today who charges 500 for thousand of people in pre-foreclouse.

You can try going online and putting in pre foreclosure they have lists that you can purchase at so much per week.

Try these guys

Howdy Father_Time:

Austin and Dallas, Texas have a service called FLS which stands for Foreclosure Listing Service. That track the foreclosures and provide lists each month. The service is about $45 per month. You may have a similar service in your area. Do a google search, ask other investors in your area. If you can not find them then go to the courthouse steps the first Tue of the month and they will be there with notebooks keeping track of what sells etc. Here in Austin they have a table set up marketing their service.


don’t wast your money with realty track. try the free service but i heard several times that the list is outdated abd i have seen it for myself. every address they have sent me the bank had already took it back.

It has worked for me, I actually think they give you the list too early on.