pre-construction loans

I was checking a lot for $150,000.00. To built a house will cost me about $300,000.00. The asking price after construction will be around $600k-$700k.
Know, the question is what are my options if I want to do the deal.
My fico middle score is 680. stated income. bkrty in 2000. $100k in cash. 2 invest. properties which are in contract to sell. Can anybody help me out as to what kind of loans can i get that will be most beneficial. ???

I work with a HML that may be able to help. Email me if you are interested.

I will check into some programs for you and then send you a private message. There should be a way to do this without much of a problem if the credit score is at 680. Going stated with a credit score there shouldn’t be a problem. Again, I will price it up and get back with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me in the interim.