Pre-Consruction Investment Questions?

Good Afternoon to All,

Is not Real Estate Investing Awesome! ;D

My latest project is Pre-Construction in the Florida Area.

I have not yet done any in this area yet ???

My questions to the community are:

  1. Have any of you had good success with “Pre-construction” properties as investment in Florida? What type?

  2. If so can you please tell us all a summary of what you did and your outcome?

Things like… Location, Price of property, Money put into it, time frame to build, exit strategy, financing, and total profit?

Would love to hear some stories “Good” and “Bad” one? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

this is where I stand at the moment with mine. I bought a pre construction condo in Kissimmee, fl in April of last year. It should be completed by Oct. of this year. Meaning a year and half of not paying mortgage fees. I paid 5% down to hold it until it is completed this years. On paper, it looks good, about $60k in equity. Now you all know why I have a burning desire to start my short sales career.