I want to start flipping properies, but my credit is bad. I have deliq stuff on my credit, Its pretty bad. My score have went down in the past couple years. last time i checked with equifax about 8 months ago my score was 560. its probaly under 500. How can i get pre approved to show the seller that i can buy the house. I had someone ask me that last week on a deal.

Try at www.

check out a company called i3 solutions their website is this company fixes delinq. debt. They really work. They will give you a free consultation on your credit report. I have a broker friend who used them and got there score from 560 to 720 in just a few months by using this company.

Improving your credit is definitely a priority, but if you were looking to go ahead and purchase now, there are still some options out there. For one, putting a significant amount of money down will help as will paying mortgage insurance. Neither of these may be appealing, but they are things that you can do now.

Get an equity driven loan…several banks have equity driven loan programs. There is a loan for everyone who needs one…just make sur eypou have a broker who can find it for you. If you need help let me know.