Potential Property

I am looking at a property that a property evaluator generated the property is listed for 11.5K I believe. I also believe that a real estate agent is listing it. What are the possibilities of me getting it under contract and what steps should I take. If I am successful it will be my first. Figures that I would choose a difficult one for my first one to try. It is several others that I have also pulled from this source. I have the link to this property if someone would like to see it. Hell I would not mind doing a partnership on this one.

If it’s listed it’s a dead lead in my eyes. I suppose you could wait but the agent has it under contract.

You mean the price is $11,500 ?? I’ll need more info…

When I get home I’m gonna get pm it to you.

Here is the link to that property

Do you have buyers that will buy in that area? What made you single out this particular property?

I used flipping mastery.com data cruncher. I entered the zip code not far from me and this and several others generated in the list. I clicked on this property and it took me to trulia.com the link. It gave all the detais of this home. The owner lost the home. I am going to see the broker on January 22, 2018. Hopefully I can get a deal done. I also see several for under 10K in the same zip code.